Close-up Magic

Performance times range 1 to 3 hours

Venues : restaurants, cocktail parties, private house parties, hospitality suites, tradeshows

Close-up magic is an ideal style of magic, that is a rare opportunity for your guests to experience magic in a live, close-up and personal setting. It’s a perfect “ice-breaker” to introduce guests and engage them to interact with eachother. It can be performed strolling around a crowded room, or stopping at each table for a magical interlude.

For small intimate gatherings to large groups.


Stand-up / Stage Show

Performance time ranges from ½ hour to 45 minutes

Venues : corporate affairs and meetings, organizational events & dinners, nightclubs / cabarets, variety shows, private parties.

Visually captivating magic show performed for entire group of guests with music soundtrack and dialog . Involving audience participation and comedy. See the same effects performed live that you see on TV.

Award winning specialty “Butterfly” act ( 15 mins) also available.

Small to large groups ( 10 to 1,000)


Mentalism / Mindreading

Performance times range ½ hour to 1-1/2 hours.

Venues : Corporations, organizations, private, theatrical “Out of Your Mind” show

Intimate performance of unexplainable phenomena. Involving every member of the audience. A humerous, thought-provoking, empowering, motivational, highly enjoyable presentation.

“Out of Your Mind” show can be performed for small to large groups ( 10 to 1,000)

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